For those who are still unfamiliar with us.

There should have been a text that would explain why YOU should donate YOUR money to "Sprava Hromad". But there will be no text.

There will be a list of items where we spend money.

Thanks to you and your help:

On February 24, 2022, "Sprava Hromad" began to provide Kyiv's territory defense battalion from scratch. On You and us were food and physical supplies, the first bulletproof vests and helmets, an artesian well, transport, fuel, medicine, tools and much, much more. As soon as the task in Kyiv was completed, the unit moved forward, equipped and packed so that it could reach moscow on this supply.

During this time, it was transferred:

  • 2,500 bulletproof vests of the IV class;
  • 1000 IIIA class helmets;
  • more than 50 cars, including armored vehicles, fast cars, pickups. In the coming days, we expect 24 pieces of L200, each of which will be equipped with a generator, a set of working tools, a frame for an awning and a camouflage net;
  • more than 50 radio stations, including Motorola DM4600 stations and DR5000 Motorola repeaters;
  • tablets for artillerists; Autel Evo II drones;
  • 100 diesel generators;
  • 6000 food sets;
  • medicine
  • more than 1,500 items of clothing, footwear and tactical equipment.

In order not to get tired - there are 630 nomenclature units in stock)))

We cooperate with the military: the 46th, 79th and 95th Air Assault brigades, the 36th Marine Corps Brigade, the 24th Brigade, the Kramatorsk, Kyiv, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia TDB, the State Emergency Service, Hospitaliers, military chaplains, military commissariats, air defense and the SOF.

We cooperate with civilians:

  • Bucha - from the first days after the liberation of Bucha, in addition to the delivery of food and medicine, a field kitchen and hot meals were organized;
  • Chernihiv - on the first pontoon bridge, generators, medicines and food were delivered to Chernihiv City Hospital, which was in critical condition for three weeks;
  • Chernobyl nuclear power plant - medicine and food kits were also delivered immediately after liberation.

We joined in solving problems with drinking water in Mykolaiv, in particular in the hospital. Every week we give away food kits to those who need them and much more. We thank our partners: the Poroshenko Foundation - for help and powerful support; NGO "Res_Publica. Brothers in Arms" - for protection.