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About us

Hello! You have come to the donation platform of the civic organization "Sprava Hromad"

How it works?

This is an opportunity to support military and civilian projects with donations. You choose the things you like, making a donation, and we send them to you.

Why donate?

Because we do not trade. We are grateful to every financial partner of “Sprava Hromad” and everyone who supports us. The platform is primarily a story about attention, communication and a gift. You can specify your friends as recipients. You can close the issue with cups for a friendly volunteer center. You can send patches to friends who are fighting. An irreplaceable thing, about them a little below. It's all about attention. The only possibility to make a gift to our partners is a request to pay the cost price of the item plus the part that will go to the projects. As are the times, so are gifts. A conventional cup that stands on your table and that you use is an opportunity to communicate with your colleagues, guests or visitors. Tell them about how you can get closer our victory and what to do for it. Inspire, because it is too early to expire.